What we do


softwareguru.ca is a business consultancy based in Nova Scotia with global reach. We specialize in helping companies streamline existing processes and create new automatic processes

We will analyze your workflow and create a tailored report of recommendations. Once implemented, you’ll find our solutions will add other benefits such as accountability, data analytics, and other useful features that your incumbent methods may not be capable of providing.

  • Save wasted hours on repetitive tasks
  • Reduce turnaround time for company processes
  • Add value to your workflow
  • Reduced potential for costly errors
  • Add accountability, visibility and controls
  • Feel confident that your vital data is safe

Our philosophy, is not to reinvent the wheel, so if existing off-the-shelf software can be used, there’s no need to create custom software. Every client is different, and there is no one answer.

software guru has a wealth of experience in developing, installing, testing and maintaining a range of computer systems to suit our client’s requirements, and can do so at a competitive rate and timescale unmatched by other software solution providers.

Here are some of the systems we have worked on for our clients:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Application Suites)
  • Customer Relationship Management and Booking software (CRM)
  • Website Design
  • Database Management
  • Inventory and Document Management Software
  • Configuration Management Software
  • Workflow Management Applications
  • Contract Accounting Systems
  • Billing Systems
  • Simulation Software
  • and many more

How Software Guru can assist in business software processes

How Software Guru can create simple business processes

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