What is software guru all about?

What is software guru all about?

softwareguru.ca is a software consultancy that specialises in helping companies streamline existing processes and create new automatic processes. We are based in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Your data is your asset

Data is a very valuable asset in any company, and often undervalued. In many companies, processes evolve organically from existing procedure, often creating an unmaintainable rats-nest of systems and procedures, badly documented, with several possible points of failure, with manual steps, random spreadsheets, paper forms, and error-prone manual data entry.

Whilst these temporary solutions work in the short term, they shouldn’t be relied upon in the long term. They are prone to error, are not robust, and do not scale well.

What can the guru provide?

software guru can help. We analyse your software systems, their dataflow, and your workflow and create a tailored report of recommendations. We typically suggest a combination of off-the-shelf software, additional data scripting, and bespoke software and database applications.

creating seamless data processes for business workflow

Our philosophy, is not to reinvent the wheel, so if existing off-the-shelf software can be used, there’s no need to create bespoke software. Sometimes it’s necessary to create small bespoke software to customise, update, or link existing systems. Other times it’s necessary to create a new software application. Every client is different, and there is no one answer.

It’s not always necessary to redesign a system. The emphasis is on making the unmaintainable maintainable, and the manual automatic – many times this can be achieved by augmenting  existing systems to close manual gaps.

Often several solutions varying in predicted costs and coverage will be suggested. A complete tailored heterogenous solution will fully automate your key processes.

Why us?

software guru has a wealth of experience in developing, installing, testing and maintaining a range of computer systems to suit client’s requirements, and can do so at a competitive rate and timescale unmatched by other software solution providers.

Once implemented, you’ll find the solution will add other benefits such as accountability, data analytics, and other useful features that your incumbent methods may not be capable of providing.

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Call us for a quote today. Your business’s software needs us!

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