How we work


software guru is a full business consultancy, covering process, systems and marketing. We’re based in Nova Scotia and operate globally. We are specialists in software and draw on expertise to maximize your profit.

“If you call us, we’ll make you more efficient.”

Free consultancy

It’s difficult to be an expert in everything, especially if you’re a small to medium sized business. One phone call to Software Guru, and we’ve got your back. We’ll review your business operations, from purchasing through to sales, and investigate room for improvement. We’ll tell you then and there what we can do for you.

There are always things that can be done better. For a small fee, software guru  can produce a report that will outline problem areas and offer magic-bullet solutions. We’re so confident that we will save you money, that if we can’t, we won’t charge you!

Follow-up work

You’ll get a full report outlining things you’re doing well, things that should be improved. We’ll suggest solutions, sometimes more than one, and give you an idea of what value you can expect to gain as well as timescales for implementation.

But we won’t just leave you with the paperwork. We can be engaged to complete some of those improvements for you. We’re happy to roll up our sleeves and implement the processes for you. We’re experts in software and can install, upgrade and change computer systems for you. We can also create custom software to suit your needs, including standalone systems, or better interfaces between your existing systems.

Depending on your needs, we can be engaged on an hourly-basis, or we can provide quotes for packages of work. Whatever you decide, you’ll be saving thousands of dollars when we’re done. The money paid to software guru is likely to pay back several times over, within a short timescale. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t call earlier. This isn’t mere hyperbole – we have already helped lots of clients save thousand$.

software guru has a wealth of experience in the software industry: conception, design, implementation, test and troubleshooting. We’re flexible, and can be hired to suit the needs of the client. Our clients always come first, and we are open to different ways of working.

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