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Business Analysis

BA, or business analysis is the practise of finding, specifying and implementing solutions to business operational needs. It’s the nuts and bolts of what we do at software guru, so it’s high-time we blog about it.

A Business Analyst is someone who is inside an organisation, or a consultant, who examines business processes, taking particular attention to data flow and storage. He or she then identifies areas for improvement, often recommending software systems to fit business and data management needs.

Our magic-bullet approach at software guru is simple:

  • First we will try to find software that’s off-the-shelf (COTS) to fit the client’s needs. This is often the most cost effective way to go. If a company has already developed software that handles the tasks they perform, we do not have to develop custom software, saving the client time and money.
  • Sometimes, using off-the-shelf software is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. If this is the case, software guru can develop interfaces and custom scripting to round off the edges of the square peg and make it work for the client’s specific needs. This has proven a very efficient method for many clients.
  • If customization of existing software proves too much of a stretch, or still won’t fulfill a client’s complete needs, the third option is to develop a tailored software solution. The advantage of selecting software guru, is that we’re not just trained business analysts, but we’re experts in developing software, so we can quickly and cost-effectively develop complete software business systems. Sometimes, only small applications are needed. Costs won’t spiral out of control, because software guru puts the client first, and only develops what they need.
  • Obviously, a lot of clients have existing software systems. In many cases it’s easier to work with incumbent software and upgrade/expand/modify/customise it, or develop add-on software, to fulfil all the business goals. This is a great way to go, and sometimes a client is happy with 90% of their existing software, but they need us to provide the extra 10% of functionality.
  • Once software guru has done its thing, the business will be more efficient, and so more profitable than before. Often clients are able to pay for software guru’s services within months of implementation from increased revenues and profits.

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As with many things, there are good and bad business analysts. A good business analyst is flexible enough to handle whatever is thrown at them, and have skills in strategic planning, marketing, process improvement, data management, and policy development. At software guru we can do all this and more. In looking at your complete operation from purchases through to sales and payroll, we cover a wide range of business consultancy solutions. The solutions we implement for you will make sense, save hours, and make your data to day job more pleasant, providing you with confidence. It’s a bold claim, but one we can back up with many testimonials. We’re here to help your business become more efficient and competitive, so call us today and start your journey to greater productivity.

Custom Software

What does Custom software mean?

Custom Software, sometimes called bespoke or tailored software, is software developed for one particular purpose, normally for one particular user. That’s not to say custom software, once developed, cannot find a broader use.

Every business is different: the market in which it operates, its customers, and above all, its product, makes it unique. A company’s processes are owned by it, and are streamlined for efficiency to best aid that company. It makes sense to imagine that a company’s software requirements also will be unique. This is where custom software comes in.

Many companies will require a piece of software for payroll, a piece of software for scheduling, emailing, documentation, and so it goes on. These packages are available as off-the-shelf (or COTS) software, and can be customized to a certain extent to fit the individual needs of the business, sometime easily, sometimes with help from the supplier or a third party.

Where those off-the-shelf-solutions don’t perform all the functions the business needs, a plug-in can be purchased. This is the simplest form of custom software. Many plugins are available for all kinds of software applications, from email to internet browsing and other business software. Where a plug-in isn’t available, software guru can create one for you.


How can software guru help?

Sometimes stand-alone custom software is needed, to join two or more COTS packages together, via data links, or to support a particular task.

software guru has created custom software to remove images from traffic cameras, to schedule training tasks, to manage contract data, to automate email responses, and many many other purposes.

The development of custom software by the software guru has made otherwise impossible tasks possible, or in some cases existing manual tasks much easier and more efficient (turning hours into minutes).

software guru in a nutshell

  • We evaluate computer infrastructure, including: software systems, data-flow, business processes, computer systems, databases, data collection, storage, and output.
  • We can create a report for you, outlining your key processes, highlighting strong areas and areas for improvement, explaining actionable items.
  • We can develop custom software to improve your business workflow, and processes, helping to reduce manual errors, and improve efficiency, by adding or enhancing systems
  • Everything service we offer is cost effective for your business, saving you money.

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