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Custom Software

What does Custom software mean?

Custom Software, sometimes called bespoke or tailored software, is software developed for one particular purpose, normally for one particular user. That’s not to say custom software, once developed, cannot find a broader use.

Every business is different: the market in which it operates, its customers, and above all, its product, makes it unique. A company’s processes are owned by it, and are streamlined for efficiency to best aid that company. It makes sense to imagine that a company’s software requirements also will be unique. This is where custom software comes in.

Many companies will require a piece of software for payroll, a piece of software for scheduling, emailing, documentation, and so it goes on. These packages are available as off-the-shelf (or COTS) software, and can be customized to a certain extent to fit the individual needs of the business, sometime easily, sometimes with help from the supplier or a third party.

Where those off-the-shelf-solutions don’t perform all the functions the business needs, a plug-in can be purchased. This is the simplest form of custom software. Many plugins are available for all kinds of software applications, from email to internet browsing and other business software. Where a plug-in isn’t available, software guru can create one for you.


How can software guru help?

Sometimes stand-alone custom software is needed, to join two or more COTS packages together, via data links, or to support a particular task.

software guru has created custom software to remove images from traffic cameras, to schedule training tasks, to manage contract data, to automate email responses, and many many other purposes.

The development of custom software by the software guru has made otherwise impossible tasks possible, or in some cases existing manual tasks much easier and more efficient (turning hours into minutes).

software guru in a nutshell

  • We evaluate computer infrastructure, including: software systems, data-flow, business processes, computer systems, databases, data collection, storage, and output.
  • We can create a report for you, outlining your key processes, highlighting strong areas and areas for improvement, explaining actionable items.
  • We can develop custom software to improve your business workflow, and processes, helping to reduce manual errors, and improve efficiency, by adding or enhancing systems
  • Everything service we offer is cost effective for your business, saving you money.

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Case Study – Bristol Cleaning

A client that software guru helped a few years back was Bristol Cleaning, a window cleaning company established in Calgary, Alberta.

When software guru first assessed their workflow, Bristol Cleaning was a growing concern. They were using excel spreadsheets for almost everything – quote sheets, job sheets billing and accounting – a combination of one-off, weekly round-up and monthly round up spreads.

Whilst this worked reasonably effectively for a few jobs, it’s not difficult to see that this didn’t scale well. When BC got more clients, further work, and more staff, organizing the amount of files, alone, was a real headache. All these separate files to be cross-checked and managed. Work was lost, unpaid invoices weren’t always chased, and occasionally teams would be late for the jobs. Things had to change.

software guru was able to see that during a workflow, the same basic set of data – work-required (amount and size of windows), and site address – was carried along the process, from quote to job sheet, to bill, with extra info being added – team, scheduled time, cost, etc.


An access database was developed. This improved scheduling immensely. At the click of a mouse, free slots on a weekly schedule could be found, and assigned jobs. Unpaid bills could be automatically flagged. Previous customer’s details could be found quickly, so re-quoting could be done remotely, and more visits scheduled.


A set of unwieldy manual processes was turned into an efficient all-in-one solution for scheduling, billing, and staff payroll. And the workflow of the company didn’t change!– the application reflected the successful workflow– but time was saved and fewer mistakes were made; thus enabling Bristol Cleaning to grow even bigger as a company, becoming the largest single window cleaning company in Calgary.

Data Automation

Would you be surprised to know that well-established companies waste many hours on inefficient, costly, error-prone manual processes? Maybe you’ve worked for companies that do things by hand, where they should be done on a computer. Maybe you’re working at one right now.

What is dataflow?man_at_comp

Each business has a dataflow. They import data in the forms of orders, scheduling, invoices, they export data such as payrolls, purchases, inventory. Everything in between handles the flow of data.

Computers, databases and software systems mange that data as it travels through: a set of business rules change or replicate the data; and a set of workflow stages occur where decisions are made.

As these workflows evolve throughout the life of a business, quick-fixes can be put in place where a software system or modification is required. These manual quick-fixes are often designed as temporary, but can be left in place for many years. They are dataflow gaps and can cause severe issues.

What’s wrong with dataflow gaps?

Whilst useful, and necessary, they are the Achilles heel of a successful business. Problems can include:

  • Staff waste hours on repetitive tasks, costing the business money
  • Reaction to new information takes time (as things have to be reentered) reducing business opportunity and slowing sales
  • Errors can creep in: humans make mistakesicon2
  • Data can be lost

How to remedy these inefficient, costly, error-prone dataflow gaps?

software guru can help you. We can create custom software solutions, or make modifications to your existing software systems, whichever’s appropriate. Whatever we do for you, you’ll end up loving – our solutions help you:

  • Save wasted hours on repetitive tasks
  • Reduce turnaround time for company processes
  • Add value to your workflow
  • Reduced potential for costly errors
  • Add accountability, visibility and controllers
  • Feel confident that your vital data is safe

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